About SacredHadith


This is a project that wishes to provide the Hadith Qudsi collection of the islamic heritage in a way, that hasn’t been made possible. By collecting and presenting the Hadith Qudsi in a manner that is most beneficial.

We have found that, Hadith Qudsi is available on the internet, the english version. Whilst the arabic wasn’t available nor was it accessible. We decided to make a dedicated website that not only provides the english translation, but the arabic, with audio too.

This project will help anyone learn the Hadith Qudsi, via the audio, be able to memorise the arabic and understand the beautiful traditions through english. This website will not host anything nor promote anything, be a simple focal point for anyone seeking knowledge about Hadith Qudsi.

This website is dedicated to a servant of Allah, who passed away. Jainal ibn Mokkodus Ali.

Request of your duas for him. Whatever you learn, memorise, act, pass on, make dua for his soul, his grave and his judgement. JazakAllahu Khairun

To find out more, read; What is Hadith Qudsi

Please tell others about this website and let us learn, practice and promote these hadiths.